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Specializing in creating mascot designs, logo designs and branding for

Elementary schools, Middle or Junior High schools, and High schools

"In today's competitive market of educational choice, the Osceola School District made it a priority to not only create a brand at the district level, but knew it was important to take that down to an individual school level. What could have been an intimidating task of redesigning over 50 school logos was made simple by working with Mash at Spellbrand. As the creative director on our projects, he listened to our input and exceeded our expectations. For every logo, we were presented with three choices and had the opportunity to provide feedback and ideas to ensure the district and schools had a voice in the process. The logos were created on-time, and all of our schools were thrilled with their new logos. Mash ensured that our schools had high-quality professional logos that will not only stand the test of time but truly represent their individual school cultures."

Dana SchaferPublic Information Officer, Osceola School District

We are a specialist school branding agency dedicated to working with schools, colleges, and universities of all types around the country and help them enhance their branding – specifically their mascots and logos.

We create fresh and stunning-looking mascot logos for schools as well as sports teams that not only look awesome but are also memorable.

We have created dozens of school logos for entire counties as well as independent and charter schools. Our designs are message centric and strategic.

If you are a school looking to rebrand or get a stunning mascot logo, then your search ends here. Why not schedule a video call and talk to our creative director about your school or college branding project?

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public school branding techniques

Revitalize Your Public School Branding With These Powerful Techniques

Public school branding crisis – From outdated websites to clip-art logos, it seems that most public schools utilize less than stellar branding materials. In this article, we discuss how to take your school branding to the next level.

From outdated websites to clip-art logos, it seems that most public schools utilize less than stellar branding materials. This isn’t just a stereotype, either. Do a quick Google Image search or spend some time visiting your counties’ websites, and you can instantly see for yourself.

High School Logo Design That Works!

What is it that you do as a high school board member to make certain your students are happy with the logo designs that represent your school? Does the logo reflect the ideals and spirit of the school in which your students are a part? How many ways do you make sure your student body is represented by the right symbol as the school insignia? Well, the answer to these questions lies in the decision to hire the right logo design team for your elementary school logo from conception.

You can belittle the process and take the attitude of saying, “oh well, it’s just the school logo”, but this isn’t that simple when you look at the long-term effects of this decision. Many students will probably move away or join the arm forces or go to colleges in other locations other than within their home state. Will your students be proud to be a Tiger, lion, or other symbolic references after they have done the requirements to graduate from your high school successfully? This stems from whether or not the person in charge of the task of creating the high school logos or mascot is skilled enough in what it takes to fuel this synergy from the initial design concept.

High school identities help to denote the spirit and pride of a school and should carry on from every graduating class from year to year. As these students go through the process, you want to ensure that each step of the way, the school pride is identified by the powerful presence of your logo. Some students will go as far as to want to emulate this design and create tattoos that will show the identity of the school on their bodies and school work. Getting the right designer is imperative in order to show the school pride in a light that makes each participating student happy to be a Viking, Sooner, or Dolphin.

No matter what that logo design will signify, it’s important for the person in charge of creating this design that the logo for the high school be one that makes the school body proud to represent it when they are performing as band members, games, and other high school outlets. The graphic design team should be able to help you as the leader of that school decide on the best way to represent each school member via the design which they wish to impose as the high school insignia. Make sure you find a design team that has the experience in putting together a design that reflects the image of the school in a way that is also one that is easy to adapt to the public views.

After all, this logo will be produced in the local newspapers and television media when it is time to show off the winning scores of local high school games during the gaming seasons for basketball, football, track, and other sports you all engage in.

Frequently asked questions

What services does the School Branding Agency offer?

The School Branding Agency offers services focused on enhancing the branding of educational institutions, specifically their mascots, and logos. These services include, but are not limited to:

  1. School Brand Strategy Development: This service involves creating a comprehensive plan that aligns the school’s goals with its communication methods, providing a consistent identity and message to the public.
  2. School Brand Identity Design: The agency creates a visual representation of the school’s identity, including the design of a mascot or logo. This helps create a memorable image representing the school’s values and mission.
  3. School Logo Design: A well-designed logo is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity. The School Branding Agency specializes in creating impactful and memorable logos for schools, colleges, and universities.
  4. School Mascot Design: The agency creates fresh and stunning-looking mascot logos that are aesthetically pleasing and memorable. These mascot designs can be used for sports teams and the school.
  5. Other Services: The agency also offers services related to other aspects of school branding, such as marketing strategies, digital branding, and more.

Who is the target audience for the School Branding Agency?

The target audience for the School Branding Agency is educational institutions of all types. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Schools: This can range from elementary schools to high schools. The agency can work with these institutions to enhance their branding, making them more memorable and engaging for students, parents, and the community.
  2. Colleges and Universities: Higher education institutions can benefit from the agency’s services. A well-branded college or university can attract more students, stand out from other institutions, and establish a strong presence in the educational community.
  3. Independent and Charter Schools: These schools often need to establish a strong brand identity to differentiate themselves from public schools and other educational options. The School Branding Agency can help these schools create a unique and compelling brand.
  4. School Districts or Counties: The agency has experience working not just with individual schools but with entire school districts or counties. They can help these larger entities create a cohesive brand identity across all their schools.

The agency’s services are not just for institutions looking to create a new brand identity from scratch. They also cater to those looking to rebrand or refresh their current mascot or logo, making the School Branding Agency’s target audience quite broad within the realm of education.

What types of educational institutions does the School Branding Agency work with?

The School Branding Agency works with various educational institutions across the country. They are not limited to a specific type or level of education, making their services accessible to a diverse range of institutions.

The types of educational institutions they work with include:

  1. Public Schools: These are government-funded institutions ranging from elementary to high school levels. The agency assists these schools in creating or enhancing their brand identities through effective mascots and logos.
  2. Private Schools: These are schools that are not funded by the government and include both non-profit and for-profit institutions. The School Branding Agency can help these schools distinguish themselves in the competitive education market through unique and memorable branding.
  3. Charter Schools: Charter schools are publicly funded but operate independently, often with a specific educational focus or philosophy. The agency can assist these schools in creating a brand identity that reflects their unique mission and values.
  4. Independent Schools: These are private schools that operate independently of any national or regional administrative bodies. The agency can help these schools create a strong and distinct brand identity.
  5. Colleges and Universities: These higher education institutions can greatly benefit from effective branding to attract students and faculty, and to stand out among other institutions. The School Branding Agency helps colleges and universities develop their brand strategy and visual identity, including logos and mascots.
  6. School Districts or Counties: The agency has experience working with larger entities like school districts or counties, helping them establish a consistent and compelling brand identity across all their associated schools.

What is a mascot logo and why is it important for schools and colleges?

A school mascot logo is a visual representation that personifies the school’s spirit, values, and ethos. Often, it’s an animal, person, or object endowed with human-like characteristics.

These mascots serve as an emblem for the school or college, often used in marketing materials, sports uniforms, school merchandise, and more.

Mascot logos are important for schools and colleges for several reasons:

  1. Identity and Recognition: A unique and well-designed mascot logo can become an instantly recognizable symbol of the school or college. It helps in setting the institution apart from others and aids in the recognition of the school in various contexts.
  2. School Spirit and Unity: Mascots often serve as rallying points for students, faculty, and the community, fostering a sense of unity and school spirit. They can help to create a sense of belonging and identity among students and staff, and can play a significant role in school events, sports games, and other activities.
  3. Representation of Values: A mascot can personify the values, history, and ethos of the school or college. It can be a visual representation of what the institution stands for, helping to communicate these values to students, parents, and the wider community.
  4. Marketing and Promotion: Mascot logos play a crucial role in the marketing and promotional activities of an educational institution. They can be used in a wide range of materials, from school websites and social media platforms to uniforms, banners, and merchandise, helping to maintain a consistent and strong brand presence.
  5. Engagement and Connection: A well-designed and relatable mascot can engage students and foster a deeper emotional connection with the school. It can enhance student participation in school activities and can even contribute positively to the overall school culture and environment.