Republic Primary Mascot, Kid-Friendly Mascot & District Logo

Republic School District

Republic, WA

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Challenge: To create a cohesive and dynamic brand identity for the Republic School District that resonates with the community’s spirit, embodies hard work, diligence, honesty, and caring, and pays homage to the community’s mining heritage.

Result: High School / Middle School Mascot Logo + Kid-friendly Elementary Mascot Logo and a unique distinct District School Logo

republic high school mascot logo

The resulting brand identity suite for the Republic School District has been met with overwhelming approval. Each logo serves its unique purpose while maintaining a visual thread that ties the district together. The high school and middle school logos command respect and pride, while the elementary logo radiates warmth and inclusiveness. The district logo encapsulates the collective spirit of the Republic’s schools, standing as a beacon of unity and tradition. This rebranding has refreshed the visual identity and bolstered school spirit and community cohesion.

republic high school mascot logo
republic high school mascot logo

High School Mascot Logo We began our journey with the Republic TIGERS High School by crafting a mascot logo that would strike a chord with the community’s past and present. The character of the Bengal Tiger was chosen to represent the school, reflecting not only the strength and power inherent in the animal but also the hard-working and resilient spirit of the Republic community.

The design we settled on was aggressive yet noble, with sharp angles and a forward-leaning posture indicating movement and progress. The tiger’s expression was fierce to convey competitiveness and strength, vital traits on the sports field and in life. We used bold lines and a striking contrast of orange and black to ensure the logo was visually impactful and would stand out on uniforms, merchandise, and digital platforms.

republic high school mascot logo

Middle School Adaptation With the high school logo finalized, we adapted this design for the Republic TIGERS Middle School. The transition required a simple yet effective change: replacing the word “High” with “Middle.” This maintained brand consistency while clearly distinguishing between the two institutions.

Kid-friendly Elementary School Mascot Design

Elementary School Mascot Logo The elementary school required a tiger mascot that was less intimidating and more approachable to resonate with younger students. Taking inspiration from the high school design, we softened the tiger’s features, opted for a fuller face, and included a friendly smile. The color palette remained consistent, but the tiger’s stance was relaxed. This design aimed to inspire a sense of friendliness and warmth, reflecting the caring nature of the community.

republic elementary school mascot logo
republic elementary school mascot logo
republic elementary school mascot logo

Official School District Logo Design

District Logo The Republic School District logo, proudly displayed on a sleek signboard, embodies the essence of the district’s spirit. It features a stylized ‘R’ that subtly incorporates the profile of a tiger’s head, showcasing the district’s mascot in a sophisticated manner. The logo’s color palette, with warm shades of orange, stands out against a clean, white background, symbolizing vibrancy and energy. Underneath the emblem, the words “Republic School District” are written in a bold, modern typeface, asserting a strong presence. The tagline “Home of the Tigers” reinforces the sense of community and belonging, rendered in a contrasting hue that balances the design beautifully. This logo is a testament to the district’s forward-thinking approach while honoring the legacy of the Republic Tigers.

republic disctrict school logo
republic disctrict school logo
republic disctrict school logo
republic disctrict school logo

The Republic School District has reported increased engagement within the community and a renewed sense of pride among students and staff. The new brand identity has been embraced at all levels, from the youngest students to the high school athletes, and has even resonated with alumni who feel a renewed connection to their alma mater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the design of the Republic TIGERS mascot?

The design was inspired by the community’s rich mining history and their reputation for hard work and resilience. We wanted the tiger to symbolize the strength and determination that defines the spirit of Republic, with a nod to the community’s caring and compassionate side.

How do the mascots differ in the high school, middle school, and elementary school?

The high school mascot was designed to be bold and aggressive, capturing the competitive spirit of high school sports. We kept the same design for the middle school but tweaked the wording to distinguish between the schools. The elementary mascot was softened to be more approachable for younger kids, with a friendlier expression and a less fierce stance.

Were students and the community involved in the design process?

Absolutely! We gathered input from students, faculty, and community members to ensure the mascots truly represented the values and spirit of Republic. Their feedback was instrumental in shaping the final designs.

Can we see variations of the mascot design on different merchandise?

Yes, you can. We’ve created a range of merchandise mock-ups showcasing how the mascots look on everything from t-shirts and hoodies to water bottles and backpacks. This helps visualize the mascots in various applications.

Will the new mascot designs affect the school’s branding and traditions?

The new designs are meant to enhance the school’s branding by updating its image while respecting its longstanding traditions. We’re careful to honor the past while bringing a fresh energy that students can be excited about for years to come.