Jepson Jaguars School Brand Identity

Jepson Jaguars School

Cordele, Georgia

Services Rendered
  • School Logo Design
  • School Mascot Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Willis Jepson Middle School is part of VUSD and when it was time to rebrand the school, they came to Spellbrand. Check out the results we achieved for them.

Located in Northern California between San Francisco and Sacramento, Vacaville is a community of nearly 100,000 people. Vacaville Unified serves nearly 12,500 students from 17 schools.

high school brand identity
  • Brand identity (primary logo mark, mascot)

  • Letter mark and wordmark

  • Custom school color palette (primary, secondary, and tertiary)

  • Custom number and letter sets

  • Official school pattern

  • School team logos

  • School slogan ribbon

  • School social media kit

  • School signage

  • Custom school flags

We worked with the school marketing department to come with a strategy that lays down the foundations of the brand identity and visual language for the rebrand.

For any effective school branding process, the following brand assets are required and these are what we created for this client. These assets ensure a consistent visual language for the school and set the school apart and creates the right impact.

high school brand identity
high school brand identity

The first step of a school brand identity is the primary mark which is made of a mascot design that is incorporated into a primary logo design. This primary brand mark can be used by the school on official school documentation such as documents, marketing materials, websites, and more. The mascot design can be part of the primary mark as well as a stand-alone design.

Next, we created a letter-mark from the letter J that can be used as decals, stickers, jackets or jerseys, and more. A stand-alone letter-mark that carries the visual language of the school further with a subtle design element borrowed from the primary identity.

We also created a wordmark of the primary name – in this case, the Jaguars. Sometimes, this could be the school name and depends on the client’s preference. The custom typography of the wordmark as you will notice is not the same as the primary logo. It is a custom typographic treatment that still carries the DNA of the primary logo typography.

We also create a complete color palette that includes the primary colors that are found in the primary brand identity as well as supporting secondary colors and a tertiary set of colors that compliment and support the primary and secondary school colors.

Here you can see an example of a custom set of letters and numbers that can help extend the school branding further. These customer letters and numbers can be used on sports jerseys, banners, signs, and more.

Every school needs an official school pattern that can play a critical part in enhancing any kind of brand visuals such as banners, jerseys, t-shirts, marketing materials, websites, school social media kits, and more. Here is an example of the official school pattern that is derived from the Jaguar – almost like claw marks.

School signage can also be branded and should not be left to chance. As you can see in this example, a combination of the wordmark, the official school pattern, and even the mascot symbol can be used to create effective school signs.

Here is an excellent example of a custom slogan ribbon that can use as ribbons and ID tags as well as borders of jerseys and more. The slogan can also be your hashtag or social media handle.

Each of the sports teams in the school can have its own unique logo as you can see in this example – a logo for the football team with a unique design utilizing the mascot design and emblematic outline.

Custom flag designs can be awesome to celebrate school events. As you can see in this example, flags can be horizontal or vertical and they can enhance public events to create a larger than life branded look.