School District Mascot Logo Design & Brand Identity

Avon Grove School District

Chester County, Pennsylvania

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Services Rendered
  • School Logo Design
  • School Mascot Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Avon Grove School District (AGSD) is a K-12 public school system that serves over 5,000 students in four schools…

…Penn London Elementary School (K-2); Avon Grove Intermediate School (3-6); Fred S. Engle Middle School (7, 8); and Avon Grove High School (9-12).

school district logo school mascot design
school district logo flag banner

Avon Grove School District was in the middle of a massive brand development drive and was developing a new vision, mission, and other brand story elements that would take the organization into the future. A large part of the drive was building a massive new building and investment in other facilities. To visually communicate this major change and the brand message, they wanted a fresh new visual language that consisted of a brand new set of logo designs and mascots that would work consistently across the various units of the school district. They came to Spellbrand to help make this dream a reality.

school district logo tshirt design
school district logo tshirt design

Creating high school jerseys with logo branding is a fun and unique way of showing the importance of brand recall and building a larger-than-life brand effect. In this case, you can see a unique design of the jersey with full-on branding with elements such as the primary typography, the school mascot logo, the secondary school icon, school colors, and more.

For this school district, we created a series of logo and brand marks which included the primary school logo design, a secondary icon with the letters AG and a design element incorporated into the letters – a trident and a tail that hint at the “Red Devils”, a text-only version of the words “Red Devils” and other elements.